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Indexer Webhooks

When you create an event indexer under a project, you can provide an optional Webhook Location:
If this property is set, the indexer will make a POST request to the specified URL with all matching events that occur on chain after the indexer was created with the following request body:
"id": <event id, string hash>,
"graffleProjectId": <your project id, guid>,
"graffleCompanyId": <your company id, guid>,
"flowEventId": <event id on flow chain, ex: A.921ea449dffec68a.FlovatarMarketplace.FlovatarComponentForSale>,
"graffleEventToken": <token representing this indexer, guid>,
"blockHeight": <block height on flow chain that event occurred at>,
"eventDate": <DateTimeOffset of when the event occurred>,
"createdAt": <DateTimeOffset of when the event was recorded>,
"blockEventData": {
<object representing the event data on chain>
"webHook": <your webhook url>,
"flowTransactionId": <transaction id on flow chain>
"transactionIndex": <zero-based index of the transaction within the block>
"eventIndex": <zero-based index of the event within the transaction>
"collectionId": <currently unused>
"graffleWebHookDataId": <internal graffle id>