Project Indexers

The project Indexers table on the Project Details page shows you all the indexers associated with that project. Each entry in the table has:

  • Indexer Name

  • Flow Event Type

  • Webhook URL where you want the event data sent

  • Toggle switch to turn the indexer on or off

    • This will control whether this indexer is being used regardless of the options turned on or off below.

  • Toggle switch to turn the indexer stream on or off

    • This controls the ability for you to connect to our streaming endpoint and receive data in real-time

  • Toggle switch to turn the Search Indexing on or off

    • This will control if Graffle indexes your data for you and provides it through the search API

  • Toggle switch to turn the Webhooks on or off

    • This will control if Graffle is sending data via webhooks to your endpoint

  • The 3 dot menu gives you the options to Edit, Duplicate, or Delete.

Creating an Indexer

To create an indexer, simply click the Create New Indexer button at the top right of the Indexers table

Clicking this button will present you with the Indexer Info Dialog to create a new indexer. This will be the same dialog box you will get when editing an indexer.

Using this form you can give an Indexer a name, provide a Flow Event ID for use to track, a webhook URL for us to post your data to (See Indexer Webhooks section), set whether or not the indexer and stream are active when it is created, as well as provide some filters (NOT REQUIRED) so that you only get the specific data that you need for the Flow Event Id you're interested in.

Once you submit this form, you will be taken back to the project detail page and you will see your new indexer in the Indexers table.

Graffle emits an event on the following contracts every minute for use with webhook testing

  • MainNet - A.d4a8f8d167745a51.Heartbeat.heatbeat

  • TestNet - A.6c4fdc9a9d2975ff.Heartbeat.heatbeat

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