Event Search API

Once you've created at least one event indexer, and events indexed by your Graffle company will be available for searching over via the Event Search API.

Your company id is viewable in the top right corner of the projects page in the Graffle management dashboard.

The url for the Event Search API is:

Main Net: https://prod-main-net-dashboard-api.azurewebsites.net/api/company/{ COMPANY ID }/search

Test Net:

https://prod-test-net-dashboard-api.azurewebsites.net/api/company/{ COMPANY ID }/search

NOTE: Events on Test Net are stored for 3 days before being removed.

Example Response

		"id": "068883b1178935195289a4fe910f4adbf4fb2db6ca100fa529506834f2e152ea",
		"blockEventData": {
			"id": 292,
			"price": 25,
			"from": "0x886f3aeaf848c535"
		"eventDate": "2021-08-19T16:10:06.4281827+00:00",
		"flowEventId": "A.d796ff17107bbff6.Marketplace.ForSale",
		"flowTransactionId": "599b5aba16ab072dd12a2449521afdbcdc0dcd4a1b4436374dcef7dc58587b4a"
		"id": "56abe3770e7520ecbea62efb19422ae886e99b8fa2304a972ec3e71e12fb3713",
		"blockEventData": {
			"name": "Solitude 2.0",
			"artist": "Jos",
			"edition": "1 of 1",
			"bidder": "0xa9a82c6a04d6df2b",
			"price": 25,
			"dropId": 21,
			"auctionId": 387
		"eventDate": "2021-07-29T13:24:35.52458+00:00",
		"flowEventId": "A.d796ff17107bbff6.Versus.Bid",
		"flowTransactionId": "905e102ce2b4af8dffc0420f52fce833f177467082942713f56306e8d16d6c1b"

All of the following query parameters can be combined together to narrow down your search results.

BlockEventData Query Parameters

Any of the properties in "blockEventData" can be searched against. In the above sample response the following are all valid search parameters:

  • /search?id=292

  • /search?price=25

  • /search?from="0x886f3aeaf848c535"

  • /search?name="Solitude 2.0"

  • /search?artist="Jos"

  • /search?edition="1 of 1"

  • /search?bidder="0xa9a82c6a04d6df2b"

  • /search?price=25

  • /search?dropId=21

  • /search?auctionId=387

Standard Query Parameters

There are also standard query parameters that can be applied regardless of what events you are indexing.

Parameter NameDescription


Your Graffle project id. Will limit results to only events indexed by this project.


Full Flow event type, or a comma delimited list of event types. ex: A.d796ff17107bbff6.Versus.Bid


Transaction id on Flow. Will limit results to only events that occurred within this transaction


DateTimeOffset, limits results to those that occurred after.


DateTimeOffset, limits results to those that occurred before.


Unix seconds timestamp. Will limit results to events that occurred after this timestamp.


You can page through your results using page and pageSize parameters.

To assist with pagination you can provide the following in the request header to retrieve the total number of events for the query

Header: x-row-count
Value: true

sample response
    "count": 339

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